Quality Assurance

Every drug and therapy is only as good as its quality. The highest quality standards are the key driver for the success of this company.

Quality Assurance at Unimed is an integral part to the company's ethics. We strive to provide products to the global markets that are of the highest quality. At Unimed qualified and trained personnel ensure that all activities conducted by the business, adhere to a stringent Quality Assurance Policy.

Unimed holds a full Wholesale Dealers License issued by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Rgulatory Agency (MHRA) of the UK, which demonstrates that regulatory requirements are successfully met to supply a full range of products. A list is available in the 'What We Supply' section of the website.

Unimed is inspected by the MHRA and has been certified to conform to GDP guidelines for medicines and medical devices. The QA team ensures that all aspects of distribution are of high standards, which include: storage, transportation and delivery that meets the individual Marketing Authorisation (MA) or product specification.

Our Quality Assurance team works closely with clients to:

  - Ensure that compliance to state regulations are adhered
  - Address any GMP issues that arise
  - Deal with complaints through a tested complaints procedure
  - Support and advise on all phases of the life cycle of a drug including commercialisation
  - Develop a robust supply chain 
  - Run regular audits to improve services
  - Keep records of all activities related to Quality Assurance for a vigorous paper trail

Medicinal products supplied by Unimed comply with British and US Pharmacopoeia standards where appropriate and are manufactured in sites that all meet international cGMP standards that are specified by the WHO or EU.